Astrazeneca 7inch hardcover Touch screen video business brochure with business card pocket

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Video in a Card: Video Brochures may include individual video select buttons, such as play/pause, volume up, volume down, mute, next video, previous video, fast forward, rewind, replay, on/off and slide show (of images).

Video brochures (sometimes referred to as video cards, TV in a card, or video packs) provide a powerful platform on which to deliver a full multi-media presentation.

     By combining printed brochures with LCD screen technology, you can play and read your marketing message free of wires, internet access or security worries at any time and in any place.

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    Item Name   Customized printing 7inch lcd screen video brochure for advertising
    Supply Type   OEM/ODM
    Display Size   2.4inch,4.3inch,5inch,7inch,10inch
    Video format   MP4,3GP,AVI MOV,ANI,ETC.
    Picture format   BMP,JPG,JPEG,ETC.
    Music format   MP3,WMA,PCM,ETC.
    Power on/off   Light sensor, Magnet switch, motion sensor, push buttons
    Paper Size   A4,A5 or customized size
    Usage   Advertising Brand,Business Gift,Wedding Invitation,Brand promotion.
    Product style   Aritifical
    Video resolution   Hd video maximum 1920*1080 minimum 320*240.
    Product categories   video brochure

     Screen accurate information

    Screen Size Display Area Screen Ratio Resolution Battery Working time
    2.4 Inch TFT LCD  Screen 48mm*36mm 4:3 320*240 320~24000mA >=2hours
    4.3 Inch TFT LCD  Screen 94mm*53mm 16:9 480*272 320~24000mA >=2hours
    5 Inch TFT LCD Screen 110mm*61mm 16:9 480*272 320~24000mA >=2hours
    5 Inch IPS Screen 107mm*64mm 16:9 800*480 320~24000mA >=2hours
    7 Inch TFT LCD  Screen 152mm*85mm 16:9 800*480 320~24000mA >=2hours
    7 Inch IPS Screen 152mm*85mm 16:9 1024*600 320~24000mA >=2hours
    10 Inch TFT LCD  Screen 221mm*124mm 16:9 1024*600 320~24000mA >=2hours

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    Video Play: play can be activated by auto start on opening, on/off switch, light sensor, or, motion sensor.Up to 4 hours of video can be stored on a single brochure.

    Memory and Video Play Time (estimate and guide only): 128Mb (up to 7min), 256Mb (up to 15min),512Mb (up to 30min), 1Gb (up to 60min), and so on *** Play time is subject to video compression and format used.

    Battery capacity: Lithium Polymer rechargeable 500mAh with 1hour continuous playback. Higher capacity batteries up to 8000mAh are available upon request.

    Buttons: on/off, video select, play/pause, next/FF, prev/REW, volume up, volume down. Up to maximum of 10 buttons are possible on a single video brochure.

    Standby Screen (Splash): usually a company logo or product shot supplied as a JPEG which will display for 1-2 seconds whilst the video is booting up, referred to as Splash screen, or, the JPEG image can remain on standby until a video button is selected.

    Product Usage:


    How will video brochure work?

    As someone opens the Video Brochure, they are greeted by several triggers: watch video, change video, request more information etc. This is through the added button functionality, of which you can add more. This adds a much more interactive element which is not found with standard brochures. In addition, you are providing the client/user the ability to respond to calls to action,benefiting your business.

    What is video brochures?

    The Video Brochure or Video Card is printed packaging with a micro-thin LCD screen, speakers and rechargeable batteries along with a USB connection that allows for change of video and recharging of the unit. Video Brochures are superb for presentations,
    invites, PR, direct marketing advertising and promotions. The Video Brochure creates a memorable impression of your promotion.


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