Raise your hand if you have a folder on your phone of beauty products you see online and want to try?Ditto.Well, the wait is over: Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here, and we’re finally getting a chance to stock up on all the internet-famous beauty products we’ve been keeping an eye on.Over 100,000 products were on sale on June 21 and 22, including some of the collective internet’s recent beauty obsession.
We combed through Amazon’s Internet Famous section (yes, there’s a dedicated Viral Product Center for TikTok and Instagram) and rounded up our picks of hype-worthy beauty products from June 22 at 11:59 PST Going on sale. These skincare and makeup options are already circulating on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest — pretty much anywhere you hear about cool new beauty products that will make you wonder “When’s it payday again?”
We’ve got all your Amazon Prime Day shopping needs covered, including these social media sensations.Be sure to check out our full list of deals including: Hot Tools, Toothbrushes, K-Beauty and more.And don’t forget to show off these products online when they arrive – maybe you’ll go viral too!
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Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara sold out four times when TikTokers first learned about it.If that’s not enough to add to your cart right away, then check out the impressive before and after photos.”This mascara makes me look like I’m wearing a set of voluminous false lashes,” says our reviewer.
While the “Hydrocolloid Bandage Removal” video isn’t exactly the same as the “Acne” video, the concepts and appeal are basically the same.It’s a story as old as the internet age – people love skincare videos that are a little rough.But aside from producing great online content, the Best of Beauty-winning Mighty Patch Original acne patch is an overnight miracle worker for blemish emergencies.
These unobtrusive patches contain medical-grade hydrocolloids, an ingredient that speeds healing by absorbing fluids from the wound itself without drying out the surrounding skin.That’s why these acne patches are great for individual blemishes – they work on acne without affecting the rest of your skin.Put a patch on, wait six to eight hours, then remove the patch and watch as all the goo goes away with it.
One internet eyebrow hack in particular, proving again that the simplest solutions are often the best.Everyone’s doing the soapy brow trick to get gravity-defying feathered brows all day.Beauty Glazed Brow Styling Soap is a real soap container, but don’t let that stop you.The formula is specifically designed for brow styling, so it’s fragrance-free, doesn’t lather, and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin.
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré has come a long way.This silky moisturiser has gone from a French pharmacy darling to a global phenomenon.Lait-Crème Concentré Multi-layered hydration.After applying shea butter and soy protein, it smoothes and softens the skin – while the fatty acids repair the skin’s lipid barrier and ability to retain moisture.This moisturizer has become a staple of makeup artist’s kits because it acts as a primer and leaves hydrated skin when used alone.
If you’re in the market for a skin makeover, look no further than Sunday Riley CEO Glow.This face oil doesn’t mess up.Vitamin C can do just about everything: boost collagen production, fight antioxidants, lighten hyperpigmentation and reduce fine lines.Golden Turmeric Extract provides additional protection from free radical damage and instantly adds radiance to the skin.It doesn’t hurt that this serum looks pretty in a TikTok or Instagram tiling.
Neogen Dermalogy Pore Tight Peeling Mousse pops up on TikTok from time to time because test videos are solid internet gold.The product continues to apply as a thick, creamy mousse until the foam disappears.As you massage your skin, the pore-tightening exfoliating mousse absorbs dead skin cells and rolls into little balls.All you have to do is rinse them off with water and voila – you’ll have firmer, brighter skin that feels like you’ve got a whole new face.
Nooni’s Marshmallow Whip Maker is the kind of product you’d see on TikTok FYP and wonder, “Where have I been in my life?” This device turns any cleanser into a soft, luxurious lather in seconds.If you want to get creative with the rest of your routine, you can try a Whip Maker with body wash or even shampoo.
The Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid first went viral as a dupe for Rihanna fan-favorite Fenty Gloss Bomb, and for good reason — Maybelline’s Shadow Moon is the dead ringer for Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y.But not only do we have a good color match here, but this lip gloss is one of the most comfortable to wear.This formula contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise and smooth the surface of the lips, leaving your mouth looking fuller.Did we mention it’s only $6 on Amazon Prime Day?
Nothing beats a mist in a refreshing facial mist on a hot summer day.The Mario Badescu Spritz Mist and Glowing Facial Mist Collection Trio comes with three different sprays, including cucumber and green tea, rose water and lavender.Layer them or use them alone for a quick hydration on-the-go.All three sprays are made with botanical extracts such as aloe vera, gardenia and rose to help calm redness and soothe skin.Pro tip: put them in the refrigerator for extra cooling.
L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation in a Powder is all the rage lately because this product makes skin look incredible.Its blurring effect comes from vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, which smoothes the skin and basically makes your pores look like they’ve disappeared.It’s lightweight and breathable, but still delivers in the coverage department – this foundation is matte and covers everything for 24 hours.If you haven’t quite bought into the online hype, our tester said it made her skin look like an Instagram filter.
Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Mask uses Australian Pink Clay, a magnet that attracts all the oils and sticky substances that are waiting on the skin to cause breakouts.This mask targets all the nuisances, wicking away potential pore clogging (i.e. dirt and oil), leaving skin clean and glowing.It also comes with an applicator brush for easy and even application.
This set of Jade facial kits is the perfect starter kit for those looking to enjoy a spa-grade facial at home.”The roller itself helps remove excess fluid under the eyes, while the cool jade constricts blood vessels to further reduce swelling,” Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, previously told Allure. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools all help with skincare absorption, blood circulation, and de-puffiness.Put them in the refrigerator before using them for cooling and a deeper anti-inflammatory experience.
NYX Professional Makeup is no stranger to high-pigmentation, long-wearing, ultra-precise eyeliners—and Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner is the quintessential black eyeliner.The flexible and thin tip makes drawing sharp lines a breeze.This eyeliner is very smudge proof, so your cat’s eyes will look fresh all day long.
The Cooseon Portable Beauty Refrigerator is the skincare station upgrade you didn’t know you needed.Refrigeration often helps extend the life of skincare and makeup products, so you can get more out of your products for longer.Products refrigerated in your skincare refrigerator can have an extra cooling effect on the skin, such as soothing irritation or eliminating problem areas.Plus, this refrigerator has an LED mirror on the door, so you can save valuable vanity space.
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