video folder Brochure useage :

video brochure can be used as a company brochure, important conference brochures and invitations, major project introductions, travel guidebooks, new product releases (including cars, medicines, albums, etc.). And its exquisite nature, video brochure can also be used as a gift, for promotional, business gifts, weddings, festivals and so on. Video brochure, while playing a good advertising marketing effect, is gradually evolving, from the simplest magnetic control function to different buttons and touch screens, from soft cover to hard cover, from simple A5/A4 size to various custom sizes and customized shape, from the conventional four-color printing to special printing including hot stamping/uv spot/convex/soft touch…etc. Now video brochure evolved into a business card-sized called as video business card, multi-pages turning which called as video book, video pack which built-in screen in a gift box, and a pocket-mounted video folder which with a cut to hold business card and so on, people have given video brochure a variety of different definitions. In this era of digital information, video brochures keep up with the times and move toward the future!

What is a video card in simple terms?

A , LCD Screen

1.How many screen sizes I can choose? What is the relevant paper card size?

There are multiple screen sizes of the video brochure for you to choose, including 2.4 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, and 10 inch (Diagonal length). In general, 5 inch and 10 inch are the most popular ones. The relevant paper card sizes are 90x50mm+(for 2.4 inch), A6+(for 4.3 inch), A6+(for 5 inch), A5+(for 7 inch), and A4+(for 10 inch).

2. What is the difference between the resolution of each screen?

In general, the larger the screen is, the higher the resolution will be. The screen size and its relevant resolution of TN Screen are: 2.4 inch-320×240, 4.3 inch-480×272, 5 inch-480×272, 7 inch-800×480, and 10 inch-1024×600. The IPS Screen has a full view and a higher definition. Its screen size and the relevant resolution are: 5 inch IPS-800×480, 7 inch IPS-1024×600, 10 inch IPS- 1024×600/ 1280*800.

3. How to customize the touch screen?

If you don’t expect to set physical buttons, you could try to select touch screen. We only need to add a touch pad on the screen of the video brochure. Touch screen has all the features that the physical buttons do.



1.Is the battery chargeable? How long is the battery life?

The video brochure has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is lithium polymer one, which has a high safety because it will not become swollen after a long time use. You only need to connect the USB port of the video brochure to the 5V power supply for charging (we provide mini/micro USB Cable for each video brochure). Our battery can meet the requirements of charging and discharging for more than 500 times. According to the normal usage frequency, the battery can be effectively used for over 3 years without long-term power loss.

2.What are the capacity types of batteries?

At present, the commonly used battery models are 300mA, 500mAh, 650mAh, 1000mAh, 1200mAh, 1500mAh and 2000mAh. If you need a battery with a larger capacity, we can customize the battery with capacity of 2000mAh above, such as 8000mAh and 12000mAH. By default, we will adopt the most suitable battery for different video brochure screens.

3. How long will the battery support video playing after a full charge?

The definition, bitstream and brightness of the video will affect the playing duration. Under normal circumstances, the playback duration of different video brochures are as follows: 300mAH/2.4 inch-40 minutes, 500mAH/5 inch-1.5 hours, 1000mAH/7 inch-2 hours and 2000mAH/10 inch-2.5 hours.

4.Is the battery recyclable? Is it toxic?

All parts adopted in the video brochure are recyclable and have been certified by CE, Rohs and FCC. Without lead, mercury and other harmful substances, the battery is green and environmental.


C , Flash Memory

1.Where is the memory installed on? How many capacity types are there?

The flash memory is integrated on the PCB, we cannot see it from the outside. The capacity types are 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. (If necessary, we could set a visible SD expansion card slot so that you could insert the SD card from the outside.)

2. How long does the memory with different capacity support video playing?

The video definition determines the capacity it occupies, but has no direct relation with the playing duration. When the video definition is general, you could refer to the following information: 128MB- 10 minutes, 256MB- 15 minutes, 512 MB- 20 minutes and 1GB- 30 minutes.

3.How to upload or replace the video?

You only need to connect the video brochure to the PC via a USB cable to read the memory disk. You need to delete, copy and paste to replace the video just like operating on a U Disk. The resolution of the uploaded video must be within the range supported by the screen.

4.Can I find a way to protect the contents in memory from being changed or deleted by the user?

Yes, we can set the key password to restrict access to the storage content. When the user connects the video brochure to the computer, it will be charging but not disk icon is displayed. If you enter the key password in the correct order, the disk will appear. (We only do this if the customer requires it.)

Power Switch

1.How to turn on and turn off the video brochure?

There are two ways to turn on and turn off the video brochure, including physical buttons ON/OFF, as well as magnetic sensor ON/OFF. In general, we default to choose magnetic sensor as the switch. When you open the cover, it will play videos, when you close it, the video brochure will shut down. The physical button ON/OFF needs to be pressed by force (there is also a slide switch can be selected). Besides, human body sensors, infrared sensors or light sensors can also be chosen.

2.Is there any internal current after shutdown?

After the video brochure shut down via the magnetic sensor, there is weak standby current inside the brochure. After the video brochure shut down via physical key, there is no internal current. In general, it is not obvious whether there is internal standby current to the battery loss.


E ,

Card Type

1.Which kinds of paper cards I can choose? What’s the difference?

The paper cards can be classified into soft cover, hard cover and PU leather. The soft cover is 200-350gsm one-side coated art paper in general. The hard cover is generally 1000-1200gsm gray cardboard. PU leather is made of PU material, which looks more luxurious. The weight of hard cover and PU leather is heavier than that of the soft cover, which means you need to spend more freight.

2.Can I provide the paper cards of my own?

If it is difficult to get the special paper card you requested in China, you can send the paper you purchased in advance. We could use your pattern for printing and production.

 Card Size

1.How many card sizes I can choose?

The common card sizes are 2.4 inch- 90×50 mm, 4.3 ~ 7 inch-A5 210x148mm and 10 inch-A4 290×210 mm.

2.Can I customize other size that I want?

Yes, of course. The product is all customized. All the size you desire can be customized. But the premise is that the paper card should be big enough so that it can be equipped with LCD modules. We will calculate according to your size requirement. If feasible, we could provide the template to you.

3.Can I customize special structure?

You can design any structure you want. The premise is that these ideas can be implemented on paper.


F, printing:

Printing Work

1.Who will complete the printing?

We will conduct the printing. After you provide your design to us, the rest work will be finished by us. If you expect to print by yourself, we could offer you semi-finished product. But it should be careful that if you have not assembled the video brochure, you would find printing difficult.

2.What machines do you use for video brochure printing?

We use a German Heidelberg Offset printer. It can print mass files quickly and can print 5-7 colors at a time, which has an excellent color performance.

3.How are the samples printed?

We suggest using digital printing for the samples, which also has a capability of color rendition. If you require using offset printing, the price will be higher. Because Offset printing has a one-time operation expense and paper expense, it will be very expensive if these fees are only spent on a sample.



How many laminations are there for the video brochure? What is the difference?

Matte Lamination

The surface has a dull frosted effect and non-glare.

Glossy Lamination

The surface is smooth and reflective.

Soft Touch Lamination

The surface has a good touch and is not reflective, which is similar to the Matte Lamination.

Scratch-proof Lamination

The scratch resistant surface is not reflective, which is similar to the Matte Lamination.

In general, we provide Matte or Glossy Lamination by default and they will be offered for free.

Other types are subject to additional charges.


Special Finishes

What are the special finishes?

The special finishes include: Silver, Gold, UV and Embossing.

Silver/Gold Stamp

You can work with any element of your design, such as buttons, text and patterns. But you must pay attention to its size, if the element is too small, it will be covered/filled. Stamp Foil is a technology that stamping on paper with foil of different colors.


UV aims to highlight your theme and make the area you choose smooth and reflective. This is usually operated after Lamination.


It allows the paper surface to be convex or concave to highlight your element. If you’ve ever made a business card, you’re probably familiar with it. Embossing is often used with Stamp Foil to achieve the best effect.

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