Thick & large screen video in print brochurewith 6 panels design spaceThis is the most luxunious design for the video in brochure at present The two covers hard cover is like a precious souwenir album,which makes people hardly tear themselves away from it The printing content is displayed on six sides, which atracts and overwhelmsthe eyes of the users.With a large size of 280x258mm and a 10-inch screen with a size of 222x125mm,
the 2 folded hard cover will change your impression on the video brochure.
The expanded size is 762mm long, which is undoubtedly a huge size.
The 11 buttons are 7 video/picture
playing buttons, V+, V, Previous and Next.
This is definitely a comprehensive new media with nich contents.
The service principle of
Evideobrochure is that never limit the imagination and innovation ability of customers.
On this website you will find many features or structures that you have not seen before.
As a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, we not only promobion our products,
but also popularize more knowledge about video and print to people.
Special graphic design video brochure customization is more like a magic showMany of our customers could not sit sill ater customizing the video brochure once.Instead, they continue to purchase more batches. Because ol the customization of such a special project they are moved by themseves first. By LCD wvideos, your indormation understand ing level will increase 60%. More than 50% of the users will keep the wideo brochure at home to avoid cheking product information, phone numbers and address details when they need to contact you in the future. We are always walking at the foretront of the inowaton team and constanty developing new shapes, sthuctures, printing methods and fealures. The goal is to shock your customers.
Put video brochure and USB in Sleeve for mailingThe USB and the paper booklets can be placed together in the sleeve. You don't have to deliver them separately.With this storage container, customers can llectively prevent the trouble that the video cannot be watched when theUSB cable is lost and the power supply is exhausted.
Video brochure is proved to be the most llective way ol infomation transter.
It can transter brand story, product descripin, company culture and customer care for you.
This is defintely a blank niche market now and it llows you to find efective ways to overperform your competitors quickly.
With high-definition screens and dynamic sound eflect, when the wideo brochure is del iwered to the customers there
must be a wide eyed surprise' on their face.
All video brochures have passed sthict quality inspection before they leave factory.
We guarantee that all the brochures you delver will work property, s0 a5 to achieve gorgeous and eye catching goals.
Ater impressing your customers, your marketing is already half done, what you need to do is that conducting proper
fllow-up to make important gains.
multi-page It looks like a book with binding multiple pages of ilustrationsIf you have a lot of graphic design, we can bind more pages. Now you're like previewing an existing e-book, betweenthe rich images and the text, the atenbion of the audence will be aroused by the video.Using a LCD screenwith a size o12.4 inch to 10 inch, the Vdeo Book los more like an e-book ater a tew insets are added.
This interactve medum creates a powertul connection wth the user. It is much loved and also brings an active insight into
more information. You can use it for many things, such as pre-school education, product demonstrations, restaurant menus and so on.
It supports mainstream video formats, such as MOV, AMI and MP4, which can be played once i is directy uploaded to the
video book without any secondary processing ater you make the video. If screen space is suficient。there are two typeseting options,
horizontal and vertical. Besides, we welcome you to design other special sizes because this is a flly customized product.
A special kind of packaging that can set you apart from your competitors and gains more advantagesVideo Box Is Undoubedy the Best Choice tou You to Upgrade Your product.Plano shape- Irs easy to guess tha the comparyis customizing to promote plano- related services or bus nesses. This is a shape you've never seen before.It has the sameLCD screen as other models and opens like a regular box, but it has the most distinctive paper packaging you've ever seen.
Thats the amaz ng point about Evdeobrochure. We have an ll-round leam who can spare mo fforts to realize your creatvity or ideas.
Video Box - Quickly Enhance Your Product Perception!With a display installed inside the box, it supports playing video automaticaly when you open it The video box combinespopular packaging with LCD technology perfectly We don't designate the material or struture of the box to leave roomto you to take the intiative. The optional screen sizes are24 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch and 10inch. The video box is also equipped
with bultin rechargeable batteries and memory with storage capacity from 128MB to 16GB.We all know that in addition to the product quality,
the packagi ng afects the consumers' unpacking emotion and the overll impression of the product In the whole marketing process,
the video box is playing an extremely important role It communicates with consumers with its unique image language to influence
their first emotion, and consumers become interested in the products it packages at the first sight. However, the lack of
unique packaging features will let consumers just have a quick glance at the product.Nowadays,
with more and more homogeneous product competition, the market gradully reveals the characteristics of "buyer's marker",
which not only increases the diultly of product marketing. but also brings unprecedented callnges to packaging design.
The video box has sccesstuly grasped the consumer psychology of the public and it provides emotional guidance.

Post time: Dec-08-2022